Paris, march 2015

Paris March 2015

This image is a bit of an enigma. I was initially attracted simply by the colours and textures of the wall with the shaft of reflected light and only saw the red paint spatters when I was framing the photograph. I included some of the faded or partially washed off lettering in the lower right hand corner but really began to appreciate the possible significance of this when processing the image in Lightroom. The paint splatters look as if they have been deliberately created with a paintball gun and although the fading writing is in English, the photograph was taken in a back street in central Paris in March 2015. I now think this has to be a piece of street art perhaps made as a response or reaction to the Charlie Hebdo killings and there is even what looks like a signature on the pavement in the bottom left corner. I have no idea who the artist might be but would be interested to hear if anyone knows anything more about the piece. I have hesitated house the photo as I wouldn't want to be thought of as capitalising on someone else's work but he events of the last few weeks possibly make this a more profound, poignant and perhaps even prophetic image.  DC.